Spiritual Solutions
For Life.

A transformative 6-months journey with spiritual master Dhyanse to instrumentalize spiritual solutions for your personal situation. Whether you need healing or wish to achieve your wellbeing goals or have a deep longing for spiritual awakening, there is a path within you!

Solutions lie within you.


Healing is not a miracle; it is a human ability. Your consciousness acting through your body, mind, heart, and soul carry innate intelligence to self-heal and recover. The only thing you must do is to get out of its way! Spiritual Solutions Journey with Dhyanse helps you do that.

An apple a day to keep the doctor way is not enough anymore for your current lifestyle full of digital interfaces, stressful moments, lack of human touch and interaction. To remain centered, connected with oneself and act in one’s unique purpose requires spiritual guidance.

Growth does not happen on its own. You need a master, a teacher, a coach, someone to take you out of the prison of your mind, empower your heart and unleash your spirit to live a life full of love, truth and connection.

Take that journey with Dhyanse.

Utilizing powerful holistic tools of transformation.

proven over thousands of years

Yoga Nidra

heart orientation



Laughter Therapy



OM Chanting


Chakra activation

Awareness Training

GIBBERISH Catharesis

breath meditations

KUNDALINI activation

MANTRA chanting

Pure witnessing


Energy Work



Guided by spiritual master Dhyanse.

2000+ people have been benefited by the teachings and spiritual solutions led by Dhyanse.

Helping people to heal and recover from mental illhealth, addictions, trauma, behavioral issues; to raising them to the peak of their mental health, wellbeing and spiritual heights leading to self-realization.

His contemporary approach to ancient wisdom traditions and a deep understanding of holistic tools of transformation enable him to make a long-lasting impact on people’s lives.

Some Love & Gratitude back.

Yvette V.

  I have been on the spiritual journey with Dhyanse for the past 9 months and I feel much more centered, connected to my true self. It is easier for me to make decisions, I enjoy things much more. I am grateful to you Dhyanse. I think you are a wonderful teacher,  so professional and everything comes from your authentic self. Every session you do is magic! I would recommend everyone to meditate with Dhyanse, it can really change your life.

Walter L.

  My childhood traumas had haunted me for more than 60 years. I had been to numerous psychologists and therapists but nothing brought me to peace until I met Dhyanse and took the SSJ with him! God bless him for a new life he helped me discover and more power to him for helping thousands of others with his work. 

Lina M.

  I have been meditating for 8 years but I was never able to feel a deep silence until I found Dhyanse. I remember asking the universe for a Guru, a teacher, someone who could help me. That’s why I am grateful that I found him as I really enjoy his teachings.  I have seen a change in my mindset and I can finally feel that silence and calmness that I cannot really describe.

Contact Dhyanse.

Feel free to reach out to Dhyanse about your interest in taking a Spiritual Solutions Journey with him. In case of urgent requests, please call at +41 77 500 97 22.