6 Months transformation

Begin by taking a deep-dive assessment with Dhyanse to develop a personalised solution plan for your needs. Then engage yourself in the Spiritual Solutions Journey over the next 6 months to heal, recover and grow into a stronger version of yourself.

What is Spiritual Solutions Journey?

A holistic approach to healing well-being and Spiritual growth

Spiritual Solutions Journey is a personalized 6-month transformation program with Spiritual Master Dhyanse to instrumentalize spiritual solutions for your personal situation. Whether you need healing or wish to achieve wellbeing or have a deep longing for spiritual awakening, there is a path within you!

It begins with a deep-dive assessment of your situation involving a questionnaire, three 60-minute video calls with Dhyanse to open your pandora’s box, dig deep into the root cause and identify the underlying need for change. It allows Dhyanse to carefully draft a solution plan for you based on proven holistic tools such as yoga, meditation, breathwork, mantra, yantra and many more. Dhyanse is an expert in many of these tools and has taught them to thousands of people.

Over 6 months of transformation, you follow the solution plan and Dhyanse revises it according to your progress and needs. Major changes to the plan will happen every 6 weeks while you remain in contact with Dhyanse on regular basis.

All interactions during the program with Dhyanse are online via emails, video-calls and WhatsApp messages. If you wish to have in-person interactions with Dhyanse, it is possible to book it in addition to supplement your experience.

Spiritual Solutions are for everyone. They are based on ancient wisdom traditions that have thousands of years of proven history to help humanity overcome suffering and evolve towards a higher experience of life filled with love, bliss, and purpose. They are non-dogmatic, secular, and free of any belief systems. Their functioning is multidimensional, subtle and involves psycho-spiritual and energetic layers of a living being. In order to lead such a process of healing, well-being and growth, a Spiritual Master is required to carefully layout the details.

If you had already knocked on the doors of modern medicine several times and did not yet find your solution with pharmacological interventions, psychologists, psychotherapists, or any other basic aid, give Spiritual Solutions a chance, give your inner powers a chance!


Mental ill-health.

Overcoming mental illnesses such as Depression, Anxiety, Personality Disorder, ADHD, Burnout.


Healing at the root causes of trauma such as childhood trauma and overcoming PTSD.


Recovering from substance abuse such as alcohol, drugs or addictions to gambling or sex.

Behavioral issues.

Helping to reduce behavioral issues such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Anger etc.

Eating disorders.

Reforming to overcome compulsive overeating, Binge eating, Anorexia, Bulimia, Orthorexia Nervosa.

Mental health.

Discovering happiness, joy and positivity; developing focus, resilience; stress management.

Emotional health.

Developing Emotional intelligence; Leaning to connect, manage relationships; let-go.


Love & Sex.

Having a deeply loving and healthy sexual relationship with your significant other.

Behavioral health.

Forming constructive habits; restoring physical health; discovering best nutrition for your body, mind and spirit.

Work & Success.

Matters of professional goals, achievements, money, fame, power, success.

Spiritual awakening.

A glimpse into the vast emptiness beyond ones physical and psychological boundaries is known as Satori. Every spiritual journey begins with that awakening.


To know oneself is to know all. Self-realization requires a deep longing to answer this fundamental question, who am I?


Learn to balance your spiritual interests and practicalities of life to live both – the material and the spiritual in its full potential.

Meditation practice.

Deepen your meditation; learn to meditate correctly and with several different techniques for an accelerated progress on your spiritual journey.

Special experiences.

Learn to put special experiences such as OOB (out of body), astral projections, lucid dreaming etc. in their right place in life.

Personalized at every step for you.


A step-by-step process to take a deep dive into your situation and develop a solution that brings you forward in every possible way towards health, well-being and spiritual growth. Involving a deep-dive questionnaire, video calls with Dhyanse and developing a solution plan for immediate action. Regular monitoring of your progress and revising the plan according to the needs.


You will provide honest and detailed information about yourself, situation history, background, goals and major considerations to set a clear starting point.


You will have 3X60 min 1-1 video calls with Dhyanse within the first 2-3 weeks to discuss, analyze the root causes and share specifics; align on the proposed solution.


Based on the questionnaire and calls, Dhyanse & team will provide you an asssement report and develop the first 6 weeks of your spiritual solutions journey.


You will bring lifestyle changes and incorporate the holistic tools of transformation suggested in the solutions plan for 6 weeks.


Dhyanse & team will monitor your progress via weekly/bi-weekly calls, emails, messages and revise the solutions plan for another cycle of 6 weeks.

Utilizing powerful holistic tools of transformation.


Spiritual Solutions Journey with Dhyanse utilizes powerful holistic tools of transformation that are proven over thousands of years to bring health, wellbeing and spiritual growth.

Tools include Awareness Training, Gibberish Catharesis, Breath Variations, Kundalini  & Chakra Activation, Matra & OM Chanting, Witnessing, Heart Orientation, Yoga Nidra, Yantra, Affirmations, Energy Work, Advaita,  Laughter, Self-remembering, Pranayamas, Contemplation, Visualisations and Councelling.

Your solution plan will contain 3-5 tools at a time that are most appropriate to your needs and may be changed along the journey.

A complete 360 holistic approach to healing and recovery working on the root causes of problems and allowing you to move towards a life of love, happiness, joy, truth and connection with all.

Your investment in healing, well-being and spiritual growth.

Spirtual Solutions Journey is deep work to bring transformation to your life by providing you with the best possible solutions that empower you from within. To make that happen for you, a fair commitment of time, money and effort is required.

Starting with a Deep-dive Assessment costing EUR 1200, followed by the 6 months of Spiritual Solutions Journey costing EUR 750-5000 per month depending upon the need and involvement of Dhyanse. The exact costs will be discussed and agreed upon during the Deep-Dive Assessment. A minimum of 6 months of commitment is required. All services are delivered online via video calls, emails, messages.

It is possible to have on-site in-person sessions with Dhyanse along your Spiritual Solutions Journey. For more info, please write an email to hello@dhyanse.com

Deep-Dive Assessment

EUR 1200

Open your pandora’s box, dig deep into the root cause and identify the underlying need for change. Develop a solution plan.

Spiritual Solutions Journey

EUR 750 - 5000 monthly

6 months of transformation guided by Dhyanse, utilizing proven holistic tools to heal, recover and grow into a better version of yourself.

In-Person Additional Services

Upon request

On-site in-person sessions with Dhyanse along your Spiritual Solutions Journey.

Meet Your Guide.

Dhyanse is a Spiritual Master with a contemporary approach to Yoga, Tantra and Zen. His spiritual teachings have touched hunderds of thousands of people around the world to discover inner peace, love, joy, truth and connection with others on their spiritual journey.

He plays a catalytic role in helping people to heal and recover from mental illhealth, addictions, trauma, behavioral issues; in raising them to the peak of their mental health, wellbeing and spiritual heights leading to self-realization.

500+ discourses and guided meditations are freely available on his YouTube and Podcast covering series on 7 Point Mind Training of Tibetian Buddhism, 196 Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 112 Meditations of Vigyan Bhairav Tantra and several other wisdom traditions.


Everyone who can commit to a 6 months transformation process incorporating lifestyle changes based on a holistic set of tools and principles. You may do it for one of the following 3 motivations:

  1. Healing & Recovery: You have been suffering from mental illhealth, addiction, behavioral and other disorders and want healing through holistic tools.
  2. Health & Well-being: Improve your mental health and emotional intelligence and empower yourself towards success in various dimensions of life.
  3. Spiritual Growth: You are a seeker of spiritual awakening, self-realisation and wish to accelerate your growth on the spiritual journey.

Spiritual Solutions Journey is not a substitute to a medical treatment for chronic conditions related to physical and mental illnesses.

If you are currently undergoing a medical treatment, you may consider using spiritual solutions as support only.

Yes. As long as you are open to learn, practice and grow, you can tremendously benefit from the holistic tools of transformation selected according to your needs during the Spiritual Solutions Journey.

No. Yoga, Tantra, Zen and all other ancient wisdom traditions that form the basis of Spiritual Solutions are non-dogmatic and can be practiced by anyone without any conflict with their belief system.

Yes. Please write an email to hello@dhyanse.com for more details.

Emails, audio and text messages via Whatsapp/Signal, Audio Calls, Video Calls.

If you cannot afford to pay at once for the Spiritual Solutions Journey, please write an email at hello@dhyanse.com describing your situation and we will find a way.